• Zepterra

Zepterra green oasis

Luxurious parks, which will embellish ZepTerra complex, will soon become a symbol of the whole block.

A green oasis within this magnificent complex will be an ideal place where the youngest will be able to enjoy their play and carefree childhood, while those slightly older will enjoy romantic strolls and natural ambience of the environment. One is for sure – all the residents will love to gather, hang out or recreate in the parks which perfectly complete a harmonious picture of ZepTerra Complex. If we add that Zen philosophy will be applied to the arrangement of green areas, their beauty and connection with nature will especially make the future residents happy, because they will be able to find a source of positive energy at any time in the vicinity of their apartments.


Zabranjeno je kopiranje, preuzimanje u reklamne svrhe ili bilo koja druga zloupotreba materijala na stranici prava zadržava investitor..