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ZepTerra – A place where life starts

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The new residential and business complex, ZepTerra, is located in one of the most desirable parts of Novi Beograd.

Purchasing an apartment in Block 65, in Novi Beograd’s business zone, has become the best investment in the future since a few years ago. The proximity of important institutions, pedestrian promenade, kindergartens, schools, shopping malls and sports centres, will make your life easier after a hard day's work and will allow you to spend time on yourself. Considering all of the aforementioned, as well as the luxurious architecture, the new residential and business complex ZepTerra, which construction begins in the summer, is the right place to start your life.

Located on the Heroja sa Košara Boulevard, on the one side, and Tadije Sondermajera Street, on the other side, thanks to living in ZepTerra you will have enough time to make afternoon plans as well. Whether you spend your free time in the spacious parks that will give this complex a special charm, or at one of the cafes or restaurants inside the ZepTerra complex, or you choose to finally go shopping that you have been postponing for such a long time, it is all up to you as everything here is at your fingertips. ZepTerra’s large green oasis, which will be built on the principles of Zen philosophy, will consist of a carefully arranged space for children, but also a lot of amenities for the elderly. Apartments of the highest quality, which range in size from two- to five-bedroom, as well as a two-storey underground parking garage with card access, will ensure your privacy, while the impression of serene harmony that the complex will exude, will bring peace to your life. In the second phase of construction, the ZepTerra complex will also contain additional facilities such as a kindergarten, spa and gym while the residents will be prepared for the fast introduction to the Smart Home system.

Real estate development company guarantees the quality of construction of the fantastic complex that is ZepTerra -  Hong Kong-based Yihai Properties Group, which is making its debut in the Serbian real estate market. The renowned Chinese developer, Yihai Properties Group, founded in 1989, has built buildings spanning 8 million square metres, with their biggest developments located in China, Dubai and New York. This reputable real estate development company built Yihai Garden in Beijing, as well as other luxury properties in major Chinese cities, including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

The leading real estate consultancy, CBS International, which operates as part of Cushman&Wakefield Group, is an exclusive sales representative of this residential & commercial complex.

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