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The best offer in the neighbourhood

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Life in a metropolis like Belgrade hides many magical, small, and beautiful untold stories.

Creating our ideal life oasis is the dream that many of us have. We are looking to connect the two, seemingly opposite sides of life in a big city - the urban, business zone and the peaceful embrace that our home provides.

Large parks, arranged as a space for rest and recreation, safety that our little ones will have while spending time playing outside, a place to relax after a hard day's work, our place where we will fall in love for the first time or enjoy everyday socializing with friends, are becoming the growing need because of our hectic and overly active days. Now, we can find all this in the new residential and business complex called ZepTerra.

When contemplating about what ideal life means to us, we often fantasize about finding peace in a city that never sleeps. Although Block 65 in Novi Beograd has long been the business epicentre of the capital, in recent years, new and modern residential projects have taken precedence here as this has become the perfect location for living. In addition to a large number of residential projects available in the market, buyers face a great challenge in choosing the right apartment for themselves and their family.

In fact, it would never cross our mind that, among the wide boulevards, stern-looking office buildings that generate a hectic pace of life in this part of the city to which we are all accustomed, lies the best place to have quiet life, with contemporary premium quality apartments with high ceilings that exude luxury and sophistication.

Before you decide to buy an apartment in this part of Belgrade, you need to look in detail at the price-quality ratio and choose the offer that is the best for you in the long run. If we take into consideration this parameter, the ZepTerra residential and business complex stands out among the competition, with its 227 apartments, ranging from one-to four-bedroom ones. ZepTerra is the perfect choice for creating and nurturing true family values.

Ensuring complete life harmony, the ZepTerra complex is the right place to start your magical journey, in a location that combines elegant style and top quality.

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